Kinesis Vehicle Telematics Helps Chris Good Haulage Maintain the Good Life

Crewe, 10 July 2019 – Kinesis vehicle telematics is helping Chris Good Haulage safeguard its drivers and vehicles and save money. The recently implemented tracking and driver management solution is being used to improve driving behaviour, monitor out of hours vehicle usage and reduce the risk of theft. Shrewsbury based, Chris Good Haulage specialises in UK curtainsider work with regular runs from the south-east of England to Scotland and was one of the first companies in the UK to operate a new Scania S650.

“With a small, but state of the art fleet, with trusted drivers I was initially sceptical about telematics – after all I am usually behind the wheel of one of my vehicles, and I couldn’t really justify the cost,” commented Chris Good. “However Kinesis offered an excellent deal and I am now a tracking convert. The Kinesis solution allows me to work with my drivers to eliminate behaviour that may be unsafe, unfriendly to other road users and quite frankly costly.”

Prior to the implementation of Kinesis the first knowledge of poor driving standards was often a communication from a member of the public. “I would say to a driver you were seen braking harshly or cornering hard and they would say no I wasn’t or where? when? I simply didn’t have the information I needed to tackle the issue. Using Kinesis I see exactly when and where the issue occurred and work with the driver to improved standards and reduce risk.”

Kinesis measures four driving criteria; speeding, harsh breaking, acceleration and idling. Reports can be run over a user specified time period and drivers can be rated with a score out of 100. Active monitoring and taking steps to improve driving standards reduces the risk of accidents, protecting both employees and other road users, and can reduce fuel and maintenance costs and the potential for lost or damaged loads.

Chris Good Haulage also makes use of the Kinesis alerts and geofencing options with real time notifications if a truck leaves a defined area, such as the company yard, enters a restricted area or arrives at a predefined destination.

Integration with fuel cards from UK Fuels, could also provide additional intelligence with a single platform for all fleet-related data. Helping to reduce paperwork associated with credit card or expenses claims and improve the management of fuel consumption, potentially assisting in decreasing costs and environmental emissions.

Other benefits of the Kinesis system include live traffic alerts and congestion reports and real time communications with drivers.


Adam Partington, Marketing Manager, Kinesis, Tel: +44 (0) 800 056 4432,

Robert Peel, Editorial Contact, Spatially Aware PR, Tel: +44 (0) 1666 823306,

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