Construction Company Bows & Co Cuts Costs with Kinesis Vehicle Telematics

Crewe, 16 September 2019  – Construction company Bows & Co is reducing operational costs and boosting customer service following the introduction of Kinesis vehicle telematics.

Originally installed to monitor vehicles at risk of theft, Kinesis vehicle tracking has realised a number of additional benefits for the Leeds based construction company. These include reduced fuel costs, improved driver performance and more proactive vehicle maintenance. Customer service has been also boosted with the use of real time tracking as managers can share a team’s location with a client so they know onsite arrival times.

Integration with fuel cards from UK Fuels, via the Velocity account management software, means that Bows Devolopments can also monitor fuel efficiency and reduce the paperwork associated credit card or expenses claims.

“As existing users of the fuel cards we were tempted by a ‘one system’ solution and although this was possibly the easy approach the results have more than validated this decision,” commented Craig Bowstead, Managing Director of Bows & Co. “Our customer communication is better, our driving standards are better, our employee care is better and it doesn’t stop there. Our mileage is better, which has meant that our carbon footprint is smaller, our vans are better looked after and there’s less work to reconcile all the paperwork at the end of the month”

Bows & Co Developments are a family based business covering all joinery works and domestic building projects. Operating a fleet of vehicles in and around Leeds, Kinesis was originally selected to meet the company’s insurance criteria monitoring the home based vehicles overnight. Live updates, customisable alerts and geofencing ensures managers are instantly aware of suspicious or unauthorised vehicle movements therefore reducing the risk of theft and vehicle misuse.

However, since implementing Kinesis, Bows Developments has explored the additional functionality offered by the telematics solution. Live tracking with congestion monitoring means accurate ETA’s which can be shared with the client, while journey histories allow for easier timesheet checking. Performance monitoring, including speeding, harsh breaking, acceleration and idling, is helping to improve driver behaviour and Kinesis’s van check system ensure vehicles are in top condition and maintenance issues are identified and rectified early.

“We are growing company and as we grow we will incorporate new products and services and our fleet will naturally change,” continued Bowstead. “However due to the ease of implementation and the ease of use I am confident that Kinesis will support us on this journey.”


Adam Partington, Marketing Manager, Kinesis, Tel: +44 (0) 800 056 4432,

Robert Peel, Editorial Contact, Spatially Aware PR, Tel: +44 (0) 1666 823306,


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