BigChange Unlocks Business Growth at Industrial Door Services

Leeds, 10 November 2020 – Industrial Door Services (IDS), has rolled out a new generation mobile workforce management system from Leeds-based BigChange.  The South Wales headquartered manufacturer of industrial roller shutter doors is using the system as a complete end to end business solution incorporating job booking and scheduling, routing, tracking and a mobile app.

The system, which sees IDS engineers equipped with rugged tablet running a 5-in-1 JobWatch app that synchronises in real time with the office, has helped IDS increase business, boost customer service and increase productivity.

Founded in 1987 with the manufacture of the basic industrial roller shutter door range, the company has continually innovated and now offers a comprehensive range of doors for any application and environment. Backed with a maintenance and repairs service, IDS has a team of qualified engineers strategically located for rapid 24/7 callout across the South and South West UK.

“By eliminating paperwork and keying in records the improvement in efficiency has been remarkable,” says Floyd Manship, Managing Director, Industrial Door Services. “However, the greatest rewards from the BigChange system are in managing the business as it gives us complete visibility of all jobs, 24/7 from anywhere.  As a management tool it really has become invaluable and has transformed the business.”

BigChange has optimised field engineering operations boosting efficiency and customer service. A web portal facility has proved particularly useful allowing IDS customers to view all job sheets online.  This is proving invaluable for customers such as local councils that have multiple sites as they gain complete visibility, instantly online.

IDS has configured the JobWatch app with customised worksheets that provide some unique features for monitoring work and aiding on the job training.  If a field is not completed a question pops up with tips so new engineers can be quickly self-taught. The app is also being used to record failures of parts, power tools and vehicle condition.  Together with driver behaviour IDS has a clear insight into potential issues concerning staff care and safety, on site and on the road.

“BigChange makes it easier to manage people as it acts as a smart manager making completely rational decisions.  For example it automatically assigns the nearest engineer to a job so there is no argument; it helps avoid conflict and helps ensure better decisions are made to the benefit of everyone,” Manship explains.

BigChange has improved financials with quotes now generated the same day and invoices raised as soon as a job is complete, backed with digital records including tracking logs and photographs linked to the worksheets.

“Whilst using paper and carbon it took days to get back engineer reports which held up raising quotes and invoices.  And some things never got invoiced because paperwork was missing. With BigChange we don’t miss things and don’t have to wait.  We can quote and invoice immediately so we get quicker decisions on quotes and quicker payment of invoices, improving cash flow,” Manship explains.

IDS supply doors to well known clients within the construction, industrial, commercial, military, government, food industry & agricultural and retail sectors. The company also design and manufacture bespoke doors where either very large openings, environmental conditions, on site location or operational criteria are often unusually challenging.

“Transparency has to be the way to go in our market.  BigChange gives us the tools to be completely transparent,” Manship adds. “And as a management tool it is great as I can see everything going on and every day and every week – I can see exactly what we have spent and how we are performing”.

“BigChange is absolutely brilliant. When we looked at the alternatives their solution was a clear winner,” says Manship. “We recently recruited someone who previously worked at some of the industry’s biggest multi-national companies and commented that JobWatch is miles ahead of the market.”

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