UK Fuels Launches Money-Saving Fuel Card to Help Fleets Manage Rising Costs

Crewe, UK, 28 February 2022 – UK Fuels has launched a money-saving fuel card in response to rising fuel prices. The Fleetone card gives guaranteed discounts of up to 10 pence per litre on both diesel and unleaded fuel, providing a game-changing solution for fleets of all types and sizes. With access to the UK’s largest independent fuel card network of more than 4,100 fuel stations, the Fleetone card is accepted at more than 80 per cent of supermarket fuel stations and over 70 per cent of motorway fuel stations.

Those with a Fleetone card also get access to UK Fuels’ online account management portal, Velocity, which allows fleet managers to control their fuel costs and driver performance. Accessible online from any internet-connected device, the portal can be used to match fuel purchase data to other data, such as mileage and telematics tracking logs to help companies improve control of their fuel costs. What’s more, the need for drivers to retain fuel receipts is removed, with HMRC-compliant invoices instantly accessible to users.

“Fuel prices have rocketed this year and prices may well continue to rise. With fuel already the biggest single material cost to fleet operators, it is now more important than ever to control and reduce fuel costs. Fleetone does just that, with acceptance at 98 per cent of UK postcode areas and attractive fuel discounts”, says Jonathan Haseler, Managing Director of UK Fuels. “We are also incredibly proud that UK Fuels is the highest-rated fuel card provider on Trustpilot, meaning Fleetone users can benefit from our exceptional customer service.”

In addition to Velocity, UK Fuels’ E-route app shows every fuel station in the UK that accepts their fuel cards. The app is available to all UK Fuels customers for free, making it easy for them to find their nearest fuel station. With the ability to select a start and destination point, it can highlight all fuel sites between two locations and show real-time traffic congestion levels. This makes it easy for fleet drivers to plan fuel stops into their journeys, helping them save time and money on wasted mileage driving to find a fuel station.

Established 32 years ago, UK Fuels offers the most extensive range of fuel cards in the UK, with more than half a million fuel cards actively in use. Radius Payment Solutions, UK Fuels’ parent company, offers a wide range of fleet services, such as vehicle tracking, business telephony, vehicle leasing, insurance, and electric vehicle solutions. Globally managing over 3 billion litres of fuel per annum and with 1.2 million active fuel cards in issue, Radius is one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies.

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