U.S. CAD Drives Innovation in Laser Scanning with Pointfuse Software Training

Maidenhead, 22 April 2020 – California-based U.S. CAD is exploring the latest developments in laser scanning and working with Pointfuse to help shape the future of point cloud processing software following the completion of the Pointfuse authorized training program. The first in the US to complete the course, U. S. CAD will now work closely with Pointfuse to share knowledge within the AEC sector.

U.S CAD is a technology consultant with twenty years’ experience in combining BIM content creation and 3D modelling with application development and configuration services. U.S. CAD joined the rapidly expanding Pointfuse international network of distributors last year and has been working with Pointfuse aligning the software with its existing product and service portfolio, learning the full capabilities and ROI of the software, as well as discovering the recent product development functionality.

Pointfuse software converts the millions of individual measurements captured by laser scanning, photogrammetry and mobile mapping systems into useable 3D mesh models. The unique ability to classify objects within Pointfuse, both automatically and manually, has already had a huge impact on how as-built data is used within design and construction workflows.

“We already knew the addition of Pointfuse point cloud processing software to our market offering would release the power of laser scanning, photogrammetry and mobile mapping systems for a range of digital construction, facilities management and virtual design workflows,” commented Jeff Rachel, President, U.S. CAD. “However, working with Pointfuse to complete the training program we now truly understand how to help and support our customers as they integrate these technologies within their organizations.”

“It has been a learning curve for both Pointfuse and U.S. CAD as we work together to position them as a fully trained and authorized reseller,” commented Mark Senior, Regional Sales Director at Pointfuse. “As one of the country’s most established and respected AEC industry technology and consulting firms, and an Autodesk Authorized Platinum Partner, their knowledge of and presence in key geographical and vertical markets will help us shape not only our communications but also future product development.”

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