Stratio and Freeway Partnership Brings Predictive Maintenance to Transport Operators

LISBON (PT) and JOHANNESBURG (SA) – 23 March 2023 – Stratio, the leading provider of predictive maintenance platform for transport operators, and Freeway Fleet Systems, the premier fleet management software company, today announce the extension of their commercial partnership in South Africa.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to process live data from vehicle sensors, Stratio’s platform integrates with Freeway’s asset maintenance system to provide crucial, real-time, information of on-the-road vehicle performance and condition. The integration offers several benefits to transport operators, including:

– Minimised breakdowns and optimised planned downtime: by integrating Stratio’s predictive insights and Freeway’s workshop and asset management, transport operators can rely on real-time data analysis to plan servicing during off-peak periods, increasing the efficiency of maintenance schedules and minimising service disruptions
– Reduced maintenance costs: Stratio grants operators visibility over the wear and tear of components. This, paired with Freeway’s inventory management, warranty tracking, and seamless parts ordering functionalities, enables operators to save costs by ordering parts in bulk, while optimising stock management and labour spending.
– Increased maintenance productivity: Stratio and Freeway integration provides operators with a single view of the state of their vehicles. This leads to streamlined maintenance operations and better management of engineers’ time.
– Enhanced analytics and reporting: the integration of predictive maintenance and asset management increases the wealth of data that operators can analyse to identify trends and spot areas for improvement, leading to better decision-making and improved operations.

“In the future, all transport operators will have access to a fully digitised, integrated maintenance management system that incorporates live data from vehicles on the road,” said Patrick Tandy, MD of Freeway Fleet Systems. “Working with Stratio means that our customers in South Africa can now get a single view of their fleet that improves maintenance productivity, saves costs, and helps them guarantee an even more reliable service.”

“The partnership with Freeway Fleet Systems is an asset to Stratio”, said João Valente, Global Partners Manager at Stratio. “We both share a commitment to making public transport a preferred alternative to private vehicles, to ensure a more sustainable and accessible future for all. Reliability is at the core of building trust, and integrated maintenance enables transport operators to guarantee a cost effective service without disruptions,” he explained.

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Stratio: Sabina Reghellin
Communications and Digital Content Manager

Freeway Fleet Systems: Patrick Tandy

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