Stratio and Freeway Fleet Systems bring predictive fleet maintenance to UK’s bus sector

London, 22 February 2022 – Freeway Fleet Systems has joined forces with Stratio to bring the latest predictive maintenance technology to the bus and coach market. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to process live data from vehicle sensors, Stratio’s platform is being integrated with Freeway’s fleet maintenance system to provide crucial, real-time, information of on-the-road vehicle performance and condition.

Stratio is regarded as the world’s leading predictive maintenance solution. The platform eliminates unplanned downtime and reduces maintenance costs using AI to predict faults in key components. Stratio is working closely with Freeway to spearhead the introduction of the new technology into the UK bus and coach sector.

“There have long been demands for live diagnostic data from vehicles to be incorporated into vehicle maintenance planning,” says Patrick Tandy, Managing Director of Freeway. “With Stratio’s smart technology there is at last a solution that delivers exactly what operators want. We see Stratio as a real game-changer and work to integrate our respective platforms is already underway.”

“With safety such a big issue when transporting passengers, our primary focus is in the bus and coach sector. We know Freeway has been leading the way in the digitisation of bus operator engineering operations in the UK so, for us, it is the ideal partnership,” says Tobias Schenck, Vice President Business Development, Stratio.

Freeway provides and end-to-end digital solution for vehicle maintenance and compliance with mobile devices synchronised with a central asset management system to eliminate paper across the engineering operation. Freeway also manages stores and purchasing, with useful financial and management analytics that help operators reduce costs.

“Freeway already integrates with operations, driver check, fuel, accounts and enterprise management system and we see Stratio as final link in the chain; feeding in crucial real-time vehicle data so operators can be one step ahead of potential maintenance problems.” Tandy adds.

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