Podfather Helps Marrfish Make a Fresh Start with Fish Deliveries

Edinburgh, 07 March 2024 – Marrfish, suppliers to top restaurants and catering organisations, is using Podfather’s logistics planning, route optimisation and ePOD software to ensure its fish is delivered in premium condition. Operating from its Essex headquarters, serving customers across London and the East of England, Marrfish is using Podfather to plan, schedule and allocate around 60,000 deliveries of fresh, deli ready and frozen fish a year.

Podfather route optimisation tools ensure parity between drivers and routes; minimising mileage, reducing vehicle wear and tear and helping to manage drivers’ hours. Real-time tracking and reporting meanwhile provides total visibility of the operation from distribution hub to customers’ kitchens. Podfather also played a key role when Marfish launched its home delivery service building resilience in the business as it responded to the effects of lockdowns, caused by the pandemic, on the hospitality sector.

“Marrfish was born from a long standing and rich fishing heritage, something we are immensely proud of. This is even reflected in our motto ‘caught and delivered’,” commented Jamie Hotson, Transport Manager at Marrfish. “Going back 150 years the Marr family were pioneers of the trawling industry and were among the first to successfully freeze fish at sea. To this day we are fish quota owners, we operate our own fleet of trawlers and we operate a purpose-built processing facility. But this is only half of the Marrfish story.

“Since our inception in 2011 we have prided ourselves on our ability to deliver the best quality product and that is where Podfather comes in. Using Podfather we plan, implement and report on the most efficient delivery routes, capturing real-time information that we share with our customers to ensure their product is delivered, in optimum condition, to their specific instructions.”

Marrfish first introduced Podfather to its delivery operation in 2021 as venues reopened and most legal restrictions imposed to tackle COVID were lifted. Using Podfather, linked to the company’s sales and ordering software, Marrfish plans and allocates daily loads for the company’s 13 temperature-controlled vehicles. Vehicle journeys are optimised in two ways, depending on whether the van is delivering within central London or not, and journeys are plotted taking into account time windows and customer constraints.

At the start of each shift, drivers are guided through a series of vehicle checks, using the Podfather app, before loading the van, using Podfather produced load sheets, and commencing the day’s deliveries. Customer ETAs are automatically issued, and updated, based on real-time tracking data from the app and this also gives back-office support staff total visibility of the entire delivery operation.

Once onsite, drivers electronically capture Proof of Delivery (POD) data including date, time and location stamped photographs and customer signatures. This information is instantly accessible and can be shared with the customer in case of queries.

“Since we first implemented Podfather it has had a positive effect on our business,” Hotson concluded. “It has removed a lot of the headaches and head scratching associated with managing multiple vehicles, staff, customers and delivery areas so I like it, but also, our drivers like it, our support team likes it, our management likes it. And most importantly our customers like it.”

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