Phloor Embeds Podfather Fleet Logistics Software into Irish Delivery Operation

Edinburgh, 14 March 2024 – Phloor, one of Ireland’s premier wholesale flooring suppliers, has fully embedded Podfather’s logistic planning, route optimisation and ePOD software into its nationwide delivery operation. Since implementing Podfather, the wholesaler and distributor of flooring products has saved time and money, and boosted customer service with improved planning, live tracking and customer ETAs. With weekly deliveries across Ireland, North & South, Phloor has also exceeded its original expectation to eliminate 95% of paper from its transport office and has further minimised its environmental impact with reduced mileage and CO2 emissions.

Working out of two state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, Phloor operates a large, mixed HGV and LGV fleet which travels hundreds of thousands of miles a year. At the start of each shift drivers undertake vehicle checks guided by and recorded on the Podfather mobile app. This ensures vehicles are well maintained and provides early warning of potential issues.

“Put simply Podfather is good for us, it’s good for our customers and it’s good for the planet,” commented Ronan Gantly, Transport, Health & Safety Manager at Phloor. “Using Podfather, we have tools to manage the day-to-day maintenance of our vehicles, and our drivers are spending less time filling in paper-based walk around check lists that have to be stored, processed and filed away for several months. We now get instant reports from each driver relating to any maintenance issue including photographs.

“Our customers also get advance notice of what is being delivered, when and by whom, and this is updated throughout the day as circumstances change. This has dramatically increased our first time, on time, delivery rates and, despite travelling hundreds of thousands of miles a year, we are virtually paperless and have significantly improved the sustainability of our transport operation.”

Phloor has been supplying a wide range of flooring to retailers across Ireland for nearly 30 years. This wealth of experience and knowledge is used to develop and supply the latest fashions and innovations in carpets and smooth flooring whilst ensuring the customer receives the highest level of service. Phloor also values the planet and is excited to offer a range of greener products that support its operational green ambitions.

Daily schedules are planned and optimised using Podfather, taking into account vehicle capacities, time windows and customer constraints, and routes and delivery details are automatically sent to the driver’s handheld device. Customer notifications, either texts or emails, are issued and the Podfather mobile app provides real-time updates to the back-office system giving management total visibility as the day unfolds while live updates and ETAs keep the customers informed.

The Podfather app is also used to electronically capture evidence of delivery, including customer signatures and date and time-stamped photos ensuring timely notification and therefore speedy resolution of issues, faster and more accurate invoicing and better customer transparency.

“From the start Podfather has been on our side,” Ronan continued. “They were there to help us implement the system, and they have been with us at every step since, helping us plan, execute and report on a complex and often changing delivery environment. Podfather is a progressive platform that continually evolves reacting to feedback from its users to deliver new features and functionality that support our day-to-day activities.”

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