Nirvana Maintenance Automates Multi Million Pound Business Growth with BigChange

Leeds, 01 February 2024 – Nirvana Maintenance, a Kent-based property maintenance company, is using job management software from BigChange to underpin nationwide expansion. Using the cloud-based, 6-in-1 solution Nirvana now runs more than 300 individual contracts working with organisations such as the Residential Management Group, Warwick Estates and Trinity Estates. Nirvana field engineers respond to around 100 planned and reactive call-outs a day with the operation seeing a 400 percent growth in the last 5 years. With a turnover of £2.7 million across the Group, Nirvana also reports that 75 percent of all financial workflows are now automated thanks to BigChange.

A family run company, Nirvana originally operated in and around London offering electrical services to residential property managers. However, founder and CEO Darren Waitson, soon realised that his clients needed more. They were tired of trying to manage multiple suppliers across multiple sites yet knew they needed to maintain high standards to keep residents happy, had to stay on budget to satisfy the site owners, and needed to be legally compliant to reduce liability for landlords.

“We quickly identified a gap in the market,” he commented. “Not only could we fix small problems before they became big crises, but because we are on-site, regularly, we could identify issues before they even became problems taking away many of the daily challenges property managers face.

“BigChange is a lot like us. Because it does what it does very well it means that small issues don’t get the chance to become big headaches. BigChange has taken the fear out of expansion helping us to grow organically, and sustainably, whilst maintaining the high-quality service delivery and support our customers expect.”

Before selecting BigChange Nirvana managed its mobile operation using printed worksheets with checklists stapled to them. Sorting out which engineer was best suited for which job in which location was largely hit and miss, and customer reports had to be transcribed from paper, matched to the correct customer details and invoiced with proof of work completed which, at the time, may or may not have included photos and customer signatures.

“Our biggest pain point was our customers were growing in number, and in their demands for in-depth and detailed reports,” Waitson continued. “We knew the manual systems we had in place weren’t up to the job and we needed a solution to help us capture, record and articulate all relevant information.”

Nirvana explored a number of options including the development of a bespoke solution. However, following a recommendation from another BigChange user they adopted the system five years ago and haven’t looked back. Using the job management system, which incorporates a mobile workforce app, customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, financial management, and business intelligence tools in one system, manages all relevant customer and site information for 300 contracts whilst covering more than 500 properties reactively from Edinburgh to Exeter and Lowestoft to Llandudno.

It automatically schedules routine jobs up to a year in advance whilst reactive call-outs can be intelligently matched to a team member by skill set, current location and availability. All information is shared with the field engineer via the BigChange App and this is also used to record job completion evidence including time, date and location stamped photographs, before and after, and customer signatures.

Nirvana has also recently integrated BigChange within its finance department automating 75 percent of all processes. With each customer having agreed a set of protocols, invoices can be issued as either pro forma or works completed with accurate records of time on site and parts used.

“Since implementing BigChange we have grown the number of field staff and vehicles fivefold and without BigChange we would have had to do the same with our back-office resource. This simply would not have been sustainable for us as a business so I can confidently say that BigChange has played an integral part in our expansion and growth,” Waitson concluded.

Nirvana Maintenance specialises in block maintenance offering a range of services including fire alarms, emergency lighting, security, access systems, cleaning and grounds maintenance, and general multi skilled property maintenance. From its headquarters in Sevenoaks, Kent, Nirvana directly employs a team of forty field and back-office staff and works with trusted contractors to ensure nationwide coverage. With solutions designed to meet the needs of busy property managers, Nirvana operates on four trusty pillars; prevention, restoration, safety and pride, which, when combined, provide the foundation for unrivalled quality, value and consistency.

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