Locktel sees BigChange mobile technology roll out as a game changer

Leeds, 25 November 2020 – Telecommunications company, Locktel, has transformed its operations with a new mobile workforce management system from BigChange. Providing a full fibre network solution from Design and Build to Connection and Maintenance, Locktel’s engineers have been equipped with durable tablets to allow for easier communication and stock management, wherever they are based. The tablet runs a mobile app that is synchronised with their in-office management software, giving real time updates on stock and asset management, scheduling and more.

Who are Locktel?
With headquarters in Livingston, Scotland, and various projects across the UK, Locktel is a nationwide installer of fibre infrastructure, for both homes and businesses. Working with multiple, big-name network providers such as CityFibre, Open Reach, Virgin Media and Community Fibre – Locktel has enjoyed continued growth over the years and expects to employ around 100 people (with a mobile workforce of 70) by the end of 2020.

The Move to BigChange
Locktel has replaced a number of disconnected software packages with the ‘BigChange 5 in 1 Solution’. The cloud-based system automates job bookings and their scheduling with job packs being sent electronically to their mobile engineers, who manage their work using ‘JobWatch’ – the BigChange mobile app.

Regarding the switch, CEO Peter Vaskanin said: “We spent 3 years looking for a system, talking to everyone in the industry – but we could not find a software that could do everything in the one system. Luckily, we discovered BigChange and it has proven to be a complete game-changer. We now have complete visibility across the business and are already working faster and more efficiently”.

Locktel uses BigChange to manage all their equipment, parts and material stocks. Fibre installations require specialist tools and equipment that need to be properly maintained and calibrated regularly. Some materials, such as cabling, also has a high asset value. With everything logged onto BigChange, Locktel has complete control over company stocks regarding availability and location. Engineers can use the system to locate equipment needed for specific jobs – saving multiple phone calls and searching for materials.

Vaskanin added, “For the first time, we have complete control of people, equipment and stocks thanks to BigChange. Managing equipment and materials has always been a big challenge due to our scattered operations and mobile workforces, but BigChange has allowed us to reduce both wasted time and materials.”

Health and Safety Aspect
Health and Safety is of the utmost importance to Locktel engineers as they are often working in high-risk environments. Using JobWatch, engineers are guided through site safety procedures on their tablets – which they can use to complete any Risk Assessments needed such as TBTs and RAMS. The tablets can also be used to take photographs onsite, tracking progress of jobs. The company vans are fitted with trackers to further provide proof of work completed.

Reports from Locktel suggest that JobWatch has been a useful and easy-to-use tool to guide new users through the work process, allowing for on-the-job training. It has ensured consistent reporting and adherence to health and safety procedures.

Future Growth
Locktel has ambitious plans to expand its business and is currently extending their operations to a new purpose-built 12000sq ft industrial unit in Livingston. Vaskanin finished with a closing statement:

“BigChange has brought a new level of automation to our business, meaning we can expand freely without the need for any additional administrative resources. We have already seen a doubling in office efficiency using the new software. Crucially, the system is easily customised so we are confident that we can win and deliver new contracts with more service providers, including 5G networks, without the worry of software capability.”

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