GEM Introduces BigChanges for Public Sector Contract Reporting

Leeds, 11 July 2024 – GEM Environmental Building Services is changing the way it delivers and reports on public sector contracts across London using the BigChange job management system. Working with organisations such as Westminster, Islington and Camden Councils, as well as housing associations and charities, GEM delivers gas, electrical and water services to more than 50,000 properties. Using the cloud-based, 6-in-1 solution, which live links engineers in the field with back-office management systems and real-time updated customer interfaces, GEM has reduced the admin resource required to manage multi-million-pound contracts by around 50 percent whilst improving engineer efficiency by 10 percent. Using BigChange, GEM also ensures a 100 percent compliance rate with current legislation and industry performance standards.

“We had a job management system prior to BigChange but it was quite basic, not well recognised within the sector, and was poorly supported,” commented Paul Ferguson, Operations Manager at GEM Environmental Building Services. “Once we experienced the power of BigChange to link engineers working in the field with back-office support staff and our customer contacts we knew we had to make the change.

“BigChange allows us to report, in real-time, on no-access visits, completed jobs and additional works required,” he continued. “We automatically capture, without fail, date, time and location stamped photographs and signatures, which are available to the customer via their own secure interface. This reduces the number of client queries by allowing us to evidence works done or still outstanding. It removes the doubt and in the long-term this improves the service we offer.”

GEM Environmental Building Services has been in operation for more than 25 years, originally based in East London. Now with offices in North London and Canary Wharf, GEM has developed into one of the fastest growing maintenance companies in London. Employing over 120 people, with around 80 accredited and certified installers and engineers, GEM offers mechanical engineering, water, gas and building services to public sector organisations, private businesses and commercial real estate operators. The GEM team offers a 24/7/365 breakdown and planned preventative maintenance facility as well as a full construction and installation service.

Using the BigChange job management system, which incorporates a mobile workforce app, customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, financial management, and business intelligence tools in one integrated platform, GEM has transformed the way it manages and reports on contracts. Routine works can be scheduled, up to a year in advance, and resources allocated based on skill set, location and availability. Appointments can be communicated to both the client, and resident if required, using automatically generated text message or emails, and job details are shared with the engineer using the BigChange app.

Once onsite the engineer can access site histories, complete with equipment and part specifications, and previous work completed, before being guided through detailed worksheets which include both safety and compliance procedures. Integrated within each job sheet is the requirement to capture and record a series of date, time and location stamped photographs, which are used to evidence work completed or exception reporting.

“BigChange takes us from the default position of the ‘customer’, in our case the resident, is always right, to the fact that we have a proven track record, that is supported with well documented evidence that we make available to customers directly within their own management systems via a secure interface,” added Scott McCarthy, PPM Manager of GEM Environmental Building Services.

“This saves considerable admin resource on both sides, at least up to 50 percent on one contract alone, as information is available from any internet connected device to authorised users when they need it.”

Moving forward with its use of BigChange, GEM plans to realise additional benefits as it integrates the job management system with other management software and processes including its accounting package and community engagement activities. Fleet solutions, including vehicle checks, driver behaviour alerts and real-time tracking, will also enforce GEM’s commitment to workforce health and safety and environmental sustainability.

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