Freeway Widget Dashboards Bring Fleet Maintenance Work into Focus 

London, 20 September 2023 – Freeway Fleet Systems has announced a new fleet maintenance dashboard to provide an instant view of workshop activity and the status of vehicles. Ideal for display on large wall-mounted screens in the workshop and office, the dashboards can display user-configurable widgets. Workshop managers can now choose the summary KPIs for display at the top of the screen. This gives at-a-glance perspective with the detailed supporting information still visible below; useful for everyone working in the workshop.

Freeway manages workshop-related operations and planning, including allocation and management of defects and planned maintenance events to in-house workshop resources or to external suppliers. All current work in progress can be viewed on a single screen, with the added capability to drill-down to specific details of job cards, time sheets, labour, defect, and context.

The addition of the widgets is part of ongoing development of the Freeway dashboards which work across different formats. Managers can, for example, view dashboards on their smartphones to provide insight into metrics such as Earned Recognition KPIs, asset availability, first-use check status, stores data and forthcoming schedules events, as well as outstanding and overdue work.

Freeway provides a central repository for all data and processes the data to display what is important and needed at any one time for example, the Freeway app gives engineers on the workshop floor instant insight into all defects reported by drivers during their first-check inspections. Managers can then make quick and informed decisions on how and when to best rectify the defect, helping reduce unnecessary Vehicle Off Road (VOR).

“With the wider adoption of mobile devices and the integration of systems, there is an enormous amount of data being harvested,” says Patrick Tandy, Managing Director of Freeway Systems. “It can be hard to see the ‘wood for the trees’ so Freeway’s software developers are very focussed on providing tools, such as the dashboards, that provide exactly what’s needed in an easy, visual way enabling manager to make better and quicker decisions.”

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