Freeway Showcases Performance Analytics at ALBUM

London, 27 March 2024 – Freeway Fleet Systems will be showing the latest developments in fleet maintenance data analytics at the ALBUM conference (Carden Park, Warrington, 22 -24 April, 2024). Using advanced computer algorithms and machine learning, Freeway’s software can compute ‘standard times’ for every type of job, whether it be simply replacing a filter or completing a major service.

With fleet engineers increasingly being issued with mobile devices a plethora of data is being collected digitally, including data on task completions. With the standard times calculations, managers can now see how everyone in their team is performing. From this intelligence, decisions can be made who to assign certain tasks, who requires additional training and, potentially, offer performance incentives.

“It’s easy to forget labour is the one of the most costly elements of running a fleet. And it’s the most difficult cost to judge – and to control,“ says Patrick Tandy, MD of Freeway. “One big benefit of switching to digital working is that devices also record when an engineer starts and finishes a task. So, it seemed obvious to develop software to make use of this intelligence.”

With our standard times calculator, you can see who’s good at a certain task and who isn’t. That’s a valuable insight managers simply didn’t have before and it’s very useful for assessing and improving productivity.”

The performance tracking can be applied wherever data is being collected so it does not just apply to people. Equally the performance of vehicles and parts can be assessed. Freeway’s system also records when parts were fitted and replaced; data that can be matched to parts brands, vehicle types, vehicle age and even the engineers doing the work.

The data analytics functionality also helps in stock replenishment since the system can also predict optimal min/max levels and automate replenishment based on parts usage.

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