Freeway Latest Web Portal Innovation Puts Fleet Managers in Control

London, 16 March 2021 – Freeway Fleet Systems has enhanced its workshop web booking portal to provide real-time insight into fleet servicing and repairs from a smartphone. Designed for workshops that maintain vehicles and other assets for external customers or other divisions within their own company, the portal allows anyone to simply go online to select a date and time slot for servicing and repairs.

The workshop booking app is accessed through a web browser or smartphone app, with the software auto-generating email or text messages such as booking confirmation, reminders and work completed notifications.

The portal now also provides additional information such as a full asset list and status, all forthcoming scheduled events, completed inspection , and any associated invoices. During scheduled inspections and servicing defects may be picked up that need fixing but are not covered under contract and the portal now allows quotes for rectifications to be viewed and authorised online.

Part of Freeway’s fleet maintenance software that is used extensively by the truck and bus industry, the system allows notifications to be easily customised with different recipients set up for dealer service desks, asset owners, drivers and others. Invoices raised by the workshop – can apply variable charges for different cost centres, partners and customers – can also be viewed via the portal.

“Freeway’s booking portal is a real-time paperless facility that eliminates phone calls and lots of time wasted checking workshop schedules and going back and forth with available slots. Vehicles can be simply booked in with a few clicks and the whole process is automated thereafter,” says Patrick Tandy, Managing Director of Freeway Fleet Systems. “Recent enhancements make it a more complete management tool with a range of useful information that is easy to view anywhere, 24/7 through any web-connected device including a smartphone.”

Freeway’s fleet management system is an end-to-end system handling everything from initial booking and scheduling to defect management and compliance. It provides real-time visibility of workshop activity, performance and costs down to individual components.

The portal is explained in a video at: 

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