Freeway Gives Fleet Managers Business Analytics on a Smartphone

London, 06 October 2020 – Freeway Fleet Systems has developed a mobile app to give fleet managers instant access, via their smartphones, to Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data on fleet maintenance and compliance. The development adds a useful business analytics insight to Freeway’s award-winning ‘fleet-in-your-pocket’ app launched last year.

“Even before the Coronavirus crisis, managers wanted more mobility so they could work anytime from anywhere. Initially our fleet-in-your pocket app was designed to allow managers to sign off PO’s and manage workshop activity. However, as people started using it we were inundated with requests for more functionality,” says Patrick Tandy, Managing Director of Freeway Fleet Systems.

The app uses moveable display tiles to show key information such as inspections done, defects found and rectifications completed. The tiles bring to the fore key data, but also act as buttons that a user can touch to access further detailed information and if required initiate an action.
“The challenge for our developers was how to deal with the sheer volume of information on a small phone interface. So, we came up with the idea of tiles as the gateway to drill into further information and provide the route to actions. Managers can now keep their finger on the button without being tied to the office; the ultimate tool for mobile working,” Tandy comments.
From a tile that shows critical defects a user can click to see the assets in question and then click further to see the actual defects; from here rectification work can be immediately assigned. Other tiles show first-use checks with access to status information such as awaiting inspection or vehicle off road (VOR).
The app also displays smartphone-optimised tables and graphs, such as a calendar of scheduled workshop jobs and pie chart showing the current status of critical defects rectified. The tile data is continually updated from the central system and the app can be customised so individual tiles can be displayed or hidden for any user.
Last year Freeway was presented with the Gold Award at the UK’s National Exhibition Centre after winning the Coach & Bus UK Innovation Challenge for their Fleet-In-Your-Pocket app. In addition to the newly-added KPI analytics functionality, the app provides a single smartphone interface so managers can view key statistics on scheduling, spend, and compliance live and from the workshop floor. The app also provides an oversight of what each staff member in the workshop is doing at that exact point in time.

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