Esri Ireland partners with Bluesky to enhance its digital mapping offering in Ireland 

Leicestershire, 23 October 2020 – Esri Ireland, the market leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), is partnering with aerial mapping company Bluesky International to provide organisations across the island of Ireland with highly detailed geospatial data. The partnership will enable existing and prospective Esri Ireland customers to avail of Bluesky’s premium data resources, including nationwide coverage of high-resolution aerial imagery, terrain data and 3D city models.

Bluesky is the only company to have acquired full aerial coverage of the Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. Bluesky’s map accurate aerial photography, together with its nationwide 3D terrain mapping, underpins its established contracts with both government and commercial organisations. The company also offers on-demand aerial mapping products to meet organisations’ bespoke requirements for geographic information.

Esri Ireland provides customers with end-to-end geospatial solutions, enabling organisations to choose relevant and high-quality datasets from providers, like Bluesky, to analyse and explore on its ArcGIS platform. Rich and comprehensive sets of data, such as Bluesky’s recently launched National Tree Map of Ireland, will be available for Esri Ireland customers to explore. This ongoing project accurately records the location, height and canopy cover for an estimated two hundred million trees in the Republic, providing valuable insight for forestry bodies, insurance companies and local authorities in monitoring storm damage, environmental impacts and planning green spaces.

“Esri Ireland is delighted to partner with Bluesky to offer our customers access to this level of high-quality digital mapping content. Bluesky creates premium content, such as its aerial photography service, which is already widely used amongst the Irish geospatial community,” commented Paul Synnott, Managing Director of Esri Ireland. “Bluesky is also an innovative publisher of geographic data solutions, like the National Tree Map, that helps customers to make informed decisions for areas such as smart city planning, environmental resilience and public safety preparation.”

Robert Loughran, International Sales Manager at Bluesky International, said: “Esri Ireland is responsible for designing and building some of the largest and most advanced GIS solutions in Ireland. Esri software is well established across all sectors of the geospatial community and we are looking forward to enhancing this mapping and spatial analytics technology with our high-quality, fit-for-purpose data and content.”

The partnership agreement between Esri Ireland and Bluesky includes, but is not limited to, Bluesky’s suite of off-the-shelf geospatial products, including its newly completed national coverage of aerial photography available at a resolution of 25 centimetres, with selected urban areas available at a higher resolution of 12.5 cm. Other nationwide datasets covered by the agreement are simultaneously captured Colour Infrared (CIR) imagery, together with 3D models of the earth’s bare surface (Digital Terrain Model / DTM) and surface features (Digital Surface Model / DSM).

Laura Eddy – Marketing Co-ordinator, Bluesky, Tel: +44 (0) 1530 518518,
Robert Peel – Editorial Contact, Spatially Aware, Tel: +44 (0) 1666 823306,

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