BigChange Alerts Drivers to ULEZ and Other Restricted Zones

Leeds, 18 October 2023 – BigChange has developed a system to help commercial drivers avoid unexpected charges and fines associated with low emission and traffic congestion zones. With London’s ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) and an increasing number of cities bringing in similar charges, fleet operators and their drivers face challenges navigating these new restrictions. Part of the BigChange job management system, the new feature is used to alert drivers as they approach a zone.

BigChange is a cloud-based ‘6 in 1’ solution incorporating a mobile workforce app, customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, financial management, and business intelligence tools in one system. The vehicle restriction warning application adds to an alert feature that is already used to provide automated notifications, such as ETA’s, tasks completed, and speeding.

“With more vehicles now potentially incurring fines, businesses are searching for reliable ways to navigate these changes without the sting of unexpected penalties,” says Jonathan Isaacs, Product Marketing Manager, BigChange. “With just a few simple clicks, BigChange can now alert you or your drivers the moment a vehicle enters a ULEZ or other restricted zone. It’s proactive, it’s intuitive, and it’s going to save companies money.”

The system is designed to send real-time alerts directly to an email inbox, mobile phone, or BigChange device. Notifications can be customised, for example, to alert the driver and/or to an assigned member of staff to manage overall fleet compliance and ensure fee payment on time.

“In an era where fines can quickly accumulate, we believe this feature is an absolute necessity. It’s not just about avoiding penalties; it’s about empowering BigChange users with real-time information for smarter decisions on the road,” Isaacs adds.

Apart from entering traffic restriction zones, other events occur every day that can disrupt the best-laid plans, from traffic congestion to urgent unplanned jobs, and visits and drops that overrun. The BigChange alerts provide an easy way to update customers and support staff, such as notifying customers of driver and job progress, keeping the back office in sync with all invoicing, notifying task completion, and instantly notifying the office of any vehicle and driver issues.

Automatic text alerts can be sent for a whole variety of events, such as when a task is completed, a driver has exceeded their expected time on site, or if a driver is exceeding the speed limit. Other alerts can be set up to notify of any excessive engine idling, vehicle movement, geofence entrance and exit, accidents, vehicle defects, and MOT expiry.


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