4 Earth Intelligence Reveals How Satellites Can Help Corporations Address Climate Change

Bristol, UK, 24 September 2020 – Earth observation company 4 Earth Intelligence (4EI) will show how satellites can be used by global corporations in the battle against climate change. In a conference presentation 4EI will look at how satellite derived earth observation data from space can provide the financial world with objective, consistent, repeatable and reliable evidence allowing them to monitor assets and make smarter environmentally conscious decisions.

“Climate change is increasingly recognised as a critical risk to global corporate firms and evidence has shown that this risk is increasing with the impacts felt around the world and in all aspects of business activities,” commented Richard Flemmings, Chief Technical Officer at 4EI. “As corporate risk expands there is increasing need for evidence to inform objective decision making and this is where satellite earth observation data has an integral role.”

The 4EI presentation, by Richard Flemmings and Steve Keohane, will form part of the ‘Tech for Good’ stream of the Digital Leaders Week Conference which will take place virtually between the 12 and 16 October 2020. The UK’s biggest single gathering of people focussed on digital transformation Digital Leaders Week is designed to promote best practice and showcase innovative products and services. For further information about Digital Leaders Week visit digileaders.com

Steve Keohane, Strategic Advisor to 4EI and co-author of 4EI White Paper ‘Earth Observation, Climate Change and Finance’, added “Satellite earth observation data provides a wide variety of tools for giving objective, repeatable and complete information regarding the status of assets. When it is not possible to travel or put people on the ground, for example during a global pandemic or at times of natural disaster or civil unrest, using data from satellites allows companies to make informed investment decisions, undertake asset monitoring and complete environmental impact assessments without having to leave the office.”

4EI recently launched a Country Intelligence new product suite, providing valuable insight into information needed to make decisions for planning, situational awareness, environmental monitoring and corporate risk management. The suite includes six distinct layers; Demographics, Land Cover, Points of Interest, Significant Events, Transport and Wealth Index, which have all been created using satellite imagery in combination with other geospatial and archival resources. The data product is easy to access and available for a number of countries across the Middle East and Africa with a product roadmap to cover further territories. The talk will also cover how 4EI products are being used for understanding mitigation and risk.

You can sign up for the ‘Finance and Climate Change – a View from Space’ talk here: https://week.digileaders.com/talks/finance-climate-change-a-view-from-space/

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Beth Wright, Business Development Coordinator, 4 Earth Intelligence, +44 (0)117 933 8562, bw@4ei.co.uk,

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